Monday, January 09, 2006


Chad, Summer, and Ava are living with us until they can move into their place next month. It is a delight to have them with us, and an especial joy to have the happy, healthy grandbaby in the house. She calls me "Papa." When I see her after a short absence she waves and says "hi Papa!" I say "hi Ava." Then she repeats "hi Papa." She will continue to repeat this until I somehow change the pattern. One day I continued to respond with "hi Ava" just to see how long it would go. I gave up after about a dozen "hi Papas." Usually when Summer or Chad brings Ava into the kitchen for breakfast I am sitting in the Morris chair writing in my journal, but I was not there this morning. Sandra told me that Ava waved at the chair anyway and said "hi Papa." What a precious young person.