Sunday, July 02, 2006

Christ Church

Sunday, 12:40 p.m. I just came from a nice worship service at Christ Church. Built in the 1840's, it is the oldest Protestant church in Israel. Before going to church Jason and I walked to the Temple Mount. I touched the Western Wall, the holiest site in all of Judaism. We then climbed up to the Dome of the Rock, the third most holy site in Islam. This is the place from which Muhammad supposedly ascended to heaven. I took pictures and touched it also.* My time here in Jerusalem has been fascinating, but the fact that many places are disputed negates much of the excitement of seeing them. There are at least two places which claim to be the upper room where Jesus ate the last supper with his disciples. ((Interruption: there is a mosque near here, and I am now hearing the call to prayer.)) There is also a dispute as to the location of Golgatha. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is built on the traditional site. It is only two hundred yards from Jaffa Gate Hostel where I am staying, and where I am writing this. I plan to walk to that church as soon as I post this writing. * At church this morning we were only a few words into the first hymn when I got choked up and could no longer sing, because there are some things which are beyond dispute. Jesus loves me, and he loved this city. He was crucified and buried here so that I might know God and have eternal life. The tomb into which they put him could not hold him. And one day he is coming back. Awesome. I wish he would come back while I am here, but he will have to hurry because I leave tomorrow. Yo Gabriel, get out your horn. Time's a wasting.


Blogger Sandra said...

I'm sincerely glad that you had the opportunity to meet with a group of believers in Jerusalem for a time of worship. I can't imagine being there and not experiencing a fuller understanding of the lives lived on those streets, and the sacrificial death, and the empty tomb. Holy ground. Here in Brownwood twenty four of us are eating, bathing, and dressing in shifts as we prepare to go to worship. The late risers are taking cooler showers. This morning while sitting on the sofa Ava, at 22 months, bowed her head, clasped her hands, and spontaneously prayed "Thank you for outside." That's been her mantra since she arrived at the lake :"I wanna go outside. See the water." Holy ground. Love, Sandra

July 02, 2006 7:30 AM  

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