Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's a great day to be an Eagle!

Just read where I got spanked by both my daughters at the end of July for not posting beyond one sentence at the first of that month. Today's read was the first time I had seen those comments, and here it is almost September. * We are off and running at The High. Well, I don't know if we are running yet, but we are definately off. I have 160 some odd students for Jr. and Sr. English, and most of them seem like fine, polite, nice, interesting young people who I look forward to getting to know. On the first day of school I handed something to one of my Jr. boys and he said "thanks homes." "Yeah," I responded, "we're going to be a bit more formal than that." "Oh, sorry," he said, "thanks homey." I did not get on to him for this because I thought he has a quick wit, and besides, I did say we're going to be a bit more formal, which his response was. * There are many good people at Abilene High(staff and students), and I am happy to be there. I especially enjoy eating lunch with Kate and other English teachers every day, and of running into Kate at random times in the office or teacher work room.